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This is my new exploration of news apps to read the latest and most reliable news. With this application, you will get news information quickly and correctly. Scroll down to check out the full case study


One of the key problems in reporting is verifying the accuracy of the information or news provided to ensure it aligns with the actual events. In the present era, news spreads rapidly in the large quantities, but there is also a significant amount of fake news circulating. Furthermore, when false news is the disseminated by responsible parties, it can create unrest among the broader community.


Building the news application is one way to address this problem. The application offers news in the form of articles that have been categorized and the directly validated by us to ensure their accuracy. Users can access breaking news in real-time through the live feature in the application. This allows users to read information based on their preferred categories and stay updated with breaking news directly from the source, ensuring the reliability of the information provided.


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