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Hey-hey! Check out our design for a Spending Management App 👛

🤵 This service allows users to track and manage their spendings as well as set goals and make plans for certain dates. 

📊 Explicit charts help analyze and comprehend users’ financial situation.

The shot displays 👇

🌟 the screen that demonstrates the current spending balance, the available budget for the ongoing month, and today’s transaction history

📅 the screen where users can select a day or period for a more detailed analysis

📈 the screen with charts and statistics that provide detailed info on users’ finance

🎨 The bluish-purple and black gradient is associated with financial stability, respectability, and expertise. Blue stands for safety and peace and purple 🔮 symbolizes rationality. And black🕶️ , makes the entire design look elegant and serious.

To provide a unique visual UX, we have refined every single detail as well as developed clear charts and statistics. Besides, the reversed color scheme of the background and blocks enhance the app’s usability 🔥

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Interface by Anna Nikonorova

Motion by Alexey Luchin

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